Manok Na Pula MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Inihahandog ng tataygames ang manok na pula! makipag tunggali sa ibat ibang klase ng manok Online!!
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1 Nov 2019
17 Dec 2023
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Manok Na Pula will let you experience cockfighting. This folk entertainment now on mobile personifies chicken warriors with much cool equipment. Playing cockfighting is both fun and tactical.

About Manok Na Pula

“Manok Na Pula,” which translates to “Red Rooster” in English, is a traditional Filipino children’s game that is often played outdoors. It is a popular and exciting game that combines elements of tag and hide-and-seek. Typically, it is played by a group of children in a large open area. The game’s objective is for the “it” player, often called the “Manok na Pula,” to catch other players while they hide or run to a designated safe zone.


1. Choosing the Manok na Pula: At the beginning of the game, one player is chosen or volunteers to be the “Manok na Pula” or the Red Rooster. This player takes on the role of the tagger.

2. The Safe Zone: A designated area, often a tree or a specific boundary, is chosen as the safe zone. Players can run to the safe zone to avoid being caught by the Manok na Pula.

3. The Game Begins: The Manok na Pula stands at a distance from the safe zone, facing away from it, while the other players disperse and hide within the playing area.

4. Catching Players: The Manok na Pula shouts “Manok na Pula!” to signal the start of the game. The Manok na Pula’s goal is to tag other players by finding and touching them. When tagged, a player becomes the new Manok na Pula.

5. Running to Safety: Players who are not tagged by the Manok na Pula can run to the safe zone to avoid being caught. Once inside the safe zone, they are immune from being tagged. However, they cannot stay in the safe zone indefinitely; they must eventually leave and continue playing.

6. Winning: The game continues until all players have been tagged, or until a predetermined end time is reached. The last player to be tagged is often declared the winner and becomes the Manok na Pula for the next round.

Variations and Rules

“Manok Na Pula” is a flexible game, and rules may vary depending on the region and the group of players. Some common variations include:

  • Time Limit: The game can be played with a set time limit, after which the player who has tagged the most others becomes the new Manok na Pula.
  • Teams: In some versions, players are divided into two teams, with one team trying to reach the safe zone while the other team acts as the Manok na Pula.
  • Additional Rules: Some versions of the game may have additional rules, such as calling out the name of the player to be tagged or designating specific boundaries for the playing area.


“Manok Na Pula” is a lively and engaging traditional Filipino children’s game that encourages physical activity, teamwork, and quick thinking. It is a cherished part of Filipino culture and continues to be enjoyed by children of all ages in the Philippines. This game fosters social interaction, friendly competition, and lots of laughter, making it a memorable and cherished childhood activity for many.

MOD APK version of Manok Na Pula

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Pera
  • Unlimited Dragon Eyes

Download Manok Na Pula APK & MOD for Android

In both roles, players face quite a bit of an element of chance. However, strategy is still of great importance in the game of cockfighting. Wish you have a lot of fun with this traditional folk game.


Added new chicken:
-Manok na Hokage
-Manok na Boxinger.

Adedd new place:
-Lost world


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