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Create outstanding avatars using the latest AI technology. Just upload your photos and let Dawn work its magic—showing you and your friends in an incredible mix of styles and settings. And all at the click of a button.
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8 Sept 2022
29 Dec 2023
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Dawn lets you once again experience the magical power of AI by creating multiple versions of yourself in a more artistic way. With this utility, you can have a series of magical avatar images with just one simple command.

About Dawn

Dawn AI – Avatar Generator is a mobile app that falls under the category of entertainment and creativity. The app is designed to allow users to create personalized avatars using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

AI when entering applications as mobile gadgets sometimes brings unexpected results, especially in terms of images and videos. You’ve seen AI-based face-matching, scene-compositing, animation, and video editing applications that are so sharp that you don’t even know if they’re real photos or edited products.

If you are still skeptical about AI’s ability to “manipulate” images, then you should try adding a new AI image application called Dawn.

Dawn helps you create a series of quality avatars with a single original image. With a monotonously simple image uploaded to Dawn from your device, you can quickly transform it into a perfect, beautiful, artistic new version that’s much more unique than the original. It’s enough to be a cool avatar for you to change every day.

Because not only with natural artistic effects to help you in better photos, Dawn also has the ability to create many unique interesting images with unique textures and prompts. The new avatar can be you alone or with an interesting character that is the product of the AI in Dawn.

Avatar Creation

Dawn AI allows users to create avatars that look like themselves or anyone they choose. Users can upload a photo or use the app’s built-in camera to capture a selfie, and the app’s AI technology analyzes the facial features and creates a 3D avatar that resembles the user. Users can also customize the avatar’s hairstyle, clothing, and accessories.

Animated Avatars

The app also allows users to animate their avatars, making them come to life with a range of facial expressions and movements. Users can create videos and GIFs of their animated avatars to share on social media or messaging platforms.

Personalized Stickers

Dawn AI also offers personalized sticker creation, allowing users to create custom stickers featuring their avatars. Users can choose from a range of poses and expressions, and the app creates high-quality stickers that can be shared in messaging apps or social media.

Social Sharing

The app allows users to share their avatars and stickers on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Users can also save their avatars and stickers to their device’s camera roll for future use.

Privacy and Security

Dawn AI has a strong focus on privacy and security, with all user data and images stored securely on the app’s servers. The app’s AI technology does not store or share any personal information, ensuring that user data is kept private.

Ads and In-App Purchases

Dawn AI is free to download and use, but features ads and in-app purchases. Users can purchase premium features, such as additional clothing and accessories, with real money.

In conclusion, Dawn AI – Avatar Generator is a fun and creative app that allows users to create personalized avatars using AI technology. With its range of customization options, animated avatars, personalized stickers, and social sharing features, the app provides hours of entertainment for users. Its focus on privacy and security, as well as its free-to-use model and optional premium features, make it a popular choice for users of all ages.

Download Dawn APK for Android

Quickly create avatars with so many different styles and variations with just one simple command, Dawn brings you a whole new sky of tons of fun. Once created, quickly share on the social networks you are using. Make sure your friends get an O-A-shaped mouth when admiring your impressive profile picture.


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