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Code in Python, JavaScript, HTML, or SQL, and kickstart your career in Tech in 5 minutes a day! Whether you're an aspiring developer or just starting your coding journey, the Mimo coding and programming app is designed to make learning to code accessible, engaging, and effective. It empowers you to master programming languages and code in Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, and more at your own pace, transforming the complex programming world into an enjoyable and interactive coding experience. Explore bite-sized content, the curriculum designed by professionals, guided projects, code playgrounds, gamified features like the streak and the leaderboard, certificates for HTML, Python, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL or career paths, and much more!
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Mimo: Learn to Code
19 Jun 2018
15 Dec 2023
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Learn to code in different programming languages like Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and more. Learning to code has never been so easy! With Mimo coding app, you can practice and build code, advance your career or become a developer. The experts tailored Mimo’s programming courses to fit any level. The learning paths are designed to help you learn to code with tons of practice and real-world projects. Learn coding and programming, the skills of the century, at your own pace, only a few minutes at a time.

About Mimo

Mimo is a highly-rated educational app designed to teach coding, programming, and web development skills to beginners and enthusiasts. With interactive lessons, hands-on coding exercises, and a user-friendly interface, Mimo aims to make learning programming languages and building websites accessible and engaging for users of all skill levels.

Interactive Lessons

Mimo offers a variety of interactive lessons that guide users through the fundamentals of coding and programming. Lessons are designed to be engaging and easy to follow, even for individuals with no prior coding experience.

Multiple Programming Languages

The app covers a range of popular programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and more. This allows users to explore different languages and choose the one that aligns with their goals.

Hands-On Coding Exercises

Mimo provides hands-on coding exercises within each lesson. Users can practice writing code directly in the app and see the results in real time, reinforcing their understanding of programming concepts.

Project-Based Learning

Some versions of the app offer project-based learning, allowing users to apply their knowledge to create real-world projects such as websites, games, and applications.

Guided Paths

Mimo often offers guided learning paths or courses that take users through a structured curriculum, gradually building up their skills and knowledge from beginner to more advanced levels.

Gamified Learning

The app may incorporate gamified elements, such as earning badges, rewards, and achievements as users complete lessons and challenges. This adds a sense of accomplishment and motivation to the learning process.

Code Playground

Some versions of Mimo include a code playground where users can experiment with coding concepts, test code snippets, and see the output in real time.

Offline Learning

Users may have the option to download lessons and exercises for offline learning, allowing them to continue learning without an active internet connection.

Progress Tracking

The app typically tracks users’ progress and completion of lessons, making it easy for users to keep track of their learning journey.

Community Support

Mimo may offer a community forum or platform where users can ask questions, share their projects, and collaborate with fellow learners.

User Experience

Mimo is designed to provide an engaging and interactive learning experience for individuals interested in learning coding and programming. The app’s user-friendly interface, interactive lessons, and hands-on exercises contribute to a positive learning environment.


Mimo offers a comprehensive platform for beginners to learn coding, programming, and web development at their own pace. With its interactive lessons, practical coding exercises, and diverse programming language coverage, the app empowers users to acquire valuable skills in the world of technology. Whether you’re a complete novice or looking to expand your coding knowledge, Mimo provides a structured and accessible pathway to mastering coding concepts and building your own projects.

MOD APK version of Mimo

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

What’s in the Pro version?

  • No ads
  • Unlimited Hearts
  • Certificate
  • Streak Repair
  • Unlimited playground
  • Access the course library

Download Mimo APK & MOD for Android

With just a few minutes or tens of minutes a day depending on your time, you have the most effective, simple, and fun coding journey on mobile. Download Mimo and learn to code right away.


⚒️ We added guided projects for practical coding experience in full-stack and front-end development paths. Guided projects are the best way to practice what you learned by building a project with real-life applications.

- Apply your coding skills in real-life scenarios.
- Add your own touch to the code while following our guidance.
- Build code from scratch and use it in your portfolio.

Take your coding practice to new heights! Happy coding!



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