Stranger Things  Season 4 All Episode explanation

Ep # 1  El is bullied at school and unkonwn mysterious package open by joyce and new player are join in story

Ep # 2  Hawkins become halt by dead bodies and all the mystery was leaded by nancy

Ep # 3  Murray and joyce flyed to find the past and El facing hard times 

Ep # 4  Max is in dangerous zone and hawkins facing serious consequences

Ep # 5 El are facing with past memories, while other's comb for clues in crumbling house 

Ep # 6  Beside everything rescue mission going on the way

Ep # 7  Vecna's motive was found out and battle started against monster by hawkins kids and elevan.

Stranger Things season 4 are available on Netfix  with full of  mystery  with punch of fight against monster