Shweta Tiwari's Life Controversy And Some Fact About Actress Life

 # 1  Actress is popular for controversy but now something new happening.

 # 2  Shweta tiwari  first husband told that palak tiwari ignoring him and not ready to meet him.

 # 3   She is two times married in her life.

 # 4  Actress first married to her first husband Raja chaudhari and second Abhinav kohli as husband.

# 5 She divorced two times.

 # 6  She is having two child first is palak tiwari and second is Reyansh.

# 7  She is having BMW 730 LD car that's cost around 1.43 crore.

# 8  She is popular actress and also she maintain her body so well in age of 41 and her lifestyle.