Priyanka Chopra's Secrets Tips For Face Mask and Heathy hair

 # 1   Priyanka chopra using three homemade recipe for her glowing skin.

 # 2  First is lip scrub secrets recipe for it mix vegetable glycerin mixed well with rose water.

 # 3   Then apply scrub on lips and scrub it well..

 # 4  Then after 2 min remove it with tissue paper.

# 5  For body scrub she use one cup of besan with half spoon curd with slight lemon, milk and turmeric . 

 # 6  Mix it well and scrub it on body and  remove after some time with water.

# 7  Scalp treatment it's useful for dandruff issue. 

# 8   One spoon of curd with honey and one egg mix it with this well.

# 9  Left over for half an hour and then wash with shampoo.