Persian Cat Breed as Pet Best for Homes

Persian cat are dignified and docile cat known for being sweet and quiet.This cat breed are old breed and long haired breed of cat by round face and short muzzle that's the reason known as "Persian Longhair".

This breed are medium sized and having weigh around 12-15 pound and it's having a gental nature and sweet as pet that lives easily with peoples.  

Persian cat are included  in Top list of ccat as pet that idealy suite for homes and they are found widely in indian houses now days because of their attractive appearance.

They are lovingly refered as the "smushed face cat' like Iranin cat or Shiraz cat

Persian cat are beautiful and having long fur coats on body. They can come almost in any colour and have flat face as compared to other breeds.

They are found mostly in white, brown,black and white and light beige,silver,gold,smoky in colour. They are having length of 14-18 inches.

Persian cat having life expectancy around 15 to 20 years with  healthy lifestyle suited for this cat breed.

They are highly sociable and friendly to people. This type of cat breed are well adopted by indian by their average price range is 8000 to 20000 depend upon purity of breed.

Persian cat are best as pet and they attach to human by emotion and always loyal to them makes a perfect family by their love. So they are suit very well as pet for ur home.