Motivational Quotes By Bollywood star Akshay Kumar For his Success 

 # 1  I'm not hungry for success only for good work and that is how it's with most superstars.

 # 2  Everyday i tell myself how fortunate i am to be where i am.

 # 3 When you taste super success after tasting super failure there is huge relief.

 # 4 Train properly, because looking strong and being strong are two different things..

# 5 Youth is lifestyle, it's not blessing of god.

 # 6  Work is work, but family is for life. That's what really matters to me.. 

# 7  I'd never do a film that would hurt anyone's sentiments, be it indian or not.

# 8  I'm glad that i'm being acclaimed as an actor. Today, when my hardwork has paid off i can chill about it.