Draupadi Murmu: The Women Set To Be India's First Tribal President 

 # 1  Draupadi Murmu is a tribal politician

 # 2  Draupadi Murmu is a candidate of  the ruling Bharatiya Janata party.

 # 3 She is 64 year old former teacher comes from orissa state.

# 4  Draupadi Murmu is now in race of India's President with Yashwant sinha. 

 # 5  But after latest report of election told she is top in election vote.

# 6  Draupadi Murmu if win the election she will be first tribal leader in india. 

# 7  Draupadi Murmu is really passionate about future of india

# 7  In all public opinion she will be the best choice for president of india.