Venom 2 Movie Review | Venom 2 Movie Cast, Imdb Rating, Ott platform

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Here we talk about Venom 2 Movie Review and today we will tell you about venom 2 Movie cast list, what is Imdb Rating of venom 2 Movie, what is Venom 2 Movie OTT Platform. This all information is available in this post.

Venom 2 Movie Review

Venom 2 is very popular and fantastic movie’s second part. This movie is released in 2021. This movie has created so much of craze in Audiance and story line of this movie is based on comic book this movie is based on lots of action, Advantures, and superhero there is so many special effects are used for make this movie. Venom 2 Movie Review is really awesome and movie still has lot of craze in Audiance. There is one man his speciality is he becomes an dangerous animal type person called venom. This is split parsanality problem but he is using this all powers for good work but both personality tlak with each other and now venom want to finish every bad people by eating or killing them.

So Marvel Present Venom 2 Movie Review story is going and there is other people are also there and they also have many and different type of supernatural there is one serial killer there and he bites the hero and drink his blood after this he becomes very dangerous thing look like venom but more powerful and more dangerous then venom now the fight starts between this both.

In Venom 2 Movie Review all actors has did very good work and story line is also very good afterall it is an Marvel movie so there is lots of action and as all Marvel movie editing and special effects shown are amazing. Everyone who is in venom team they all has did very fantastic work and movie is really very very good.

Venom 2 Movie Cast

  • Andy Serkis
  • Tom Hardy
  • Michelle Williams
  • Woody Harrelson
  • Naomie Harris
  • Stephen Graham
  • Reid Scott
  • Amy Pascal

Venom 2 Imdb Rating

Venom 2 Imdb Rating is really good because movie is fabulous and story line is amazing. Venom 2 Movie imdb Rating is 6 stars out of 10 Stars. And audiance is given there rating and it is also good it is 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Movie is made for all age people’s so everyone can enjoy this movie and there is lots of Entertainment are there for audiance.

Venom 2 Movie OTT Platform

As all other movies Venom 2 Movie is also going to release very soon. All movies are re release on ott platform like that this movie is also going to release very soon and there is strong chances that this movie will release on Sonyliv ott platform.

Is Venom 1 or 2 Batter?

There is 2 part of venom movie and both movie are very impressive and both has good storyline but venom 2 movie is good more then venom 1.

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