Uncharted Movie Review | Uncharted Cast, Imdb Rating, OTT Release date

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New Hollywood Uncharted Movie Review is Here and it released now in theatres. Today we will tell you Uncharted Cast List, Uncharted Imdb Rating and On which Date Uncharted OTT Release date and platform this all information is available in this post.

Uncharted Movie Review

Uncharted Movie Review is basically based on Lost Treasure. People want to find out where this treasure is and battle is start for this treasure. Movie graphics is very good amd direction of Movie is very Awesome. Uncharted movie Released worldwide in multiple languages. Movie is Awesomely Shown Story of Robery of Lost Treasure team of few people started finding that treasure. And there will be another team who is following them for that unlimited money treasure. Very intresting and good Advantures Robery story is here in Uncharted Movie Review.

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg is in one team and both are not knowing each other when they meet first time but now while story going Tom Holland knows that Mar Wahlberg is hiding something and then friendship between them is going to break but Mark Wahlberg given all answers of his questions. Now they made plan to find that tresure and they leave for get tresure.

In Uncharted Movie Review Now They are very close to get Tresure but team of other people finds them and take all mapes which they have and leave them alone. Other team finds the Tresure and now they are getting that tresure on that place by plane and Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg made plan to do Robery from plane. Now this is the climex of movie and question is who will win to get tresure and so many adventures are there in this Uncharted movie Review.

Uncharted Movie Cast

  • Tom Holland
  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Sophia Ali
  • Antonio Banderas
  • Tati Gabrielle
  • Patricia Meeden
  • Sarah Petrick


Uncharted Imdb Rating

Uncharted Imdb Rating Is good movie is must watchable for one Time. Movie earn 6.8 stars out of 10 Stars this is Uncharted Imdb Rating. Audiance aslo given their reviews and it is also very good. Movie storyline is good, graphics are also very good and graphics which shown in movie is really awesome, all characters did very good work in this movie.

Uncharted OTT Release date

Uncharted OTT Release date is not confirmed till mow because movie is released now. Movie will come on Netflix because Netflix is Streaming partner of this movie and its confirm that movie will release on Netflix but date is not confirmed till now we will update it when we get information about it.

How Long Is The Movie Uncharted?

Uncharted is 1 hour and 56 minutes long movie. Runtime of movie is 116 minutes.

Will There be a Uncharted 2?

Sony is not confirmed yet for Uncharted 2 so there is no surrty for second part of this movie.

Is Uncharted Based on Video Game?

Ye Uncharted is Based on Video game, Sony’s PlayStation game is basically shown in real life in Uncharted movie.

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