This Weekend OTT Release | This Week OTT Release Movies List

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HEY GUYS, i will tell you This Weekend OTT Release Movies and some of them are confirmed to launch and also tell you leack’s about release of movies and webseries. We have given This week OTT Release movies list, You will get full information about New OTT Release Movies and Webseries in this post.

This Weekend OTT Release

So now we all know that there is so many ott platform are there and so many of movies and webseries are release on that pletform’s. So many of people’s are waiting for upcoming movies which are going to release on this week and there are so many OTT app are available and so many of new ott release Movies and Webseries will be there on this weekend ott Release. now in this post i will tell you about some best OTT App on which you will get This Weekend OTT Release movies and they are best.

So first is Netflix on this platform we have lots of thing to stream but it will release something on every weekend. Second is Amazon prime Videos this app is also one of the best application for stream movie online and this also release Movies and webseries on every weekend. Third is HotStar on this we will have lots of movies to stream and every weekend new one will be added. Fourth is ZEE5 this app is also good for best content which is also have This Weekend OTT Release.

This platform will new ott release movies new movies and webseries on every week but in this week OTT Release they also re-release some movies which are already released in theatre. People’s can stream or download their favourite movie from this all OTT platform easily so now lets talk About This Weekend OTT Release movies List.

This Week Ott Release Movies List

so here is This Weekend ott release Movies list. Now im going to tell you about those movies which are really impressive and some which are releasing first time and also tell you on which OTT platform this are going to release on which date. In this weekend ott release movies list Not only old but some new movies and Webseries are also going to release in this weekend so here is all list of this all movies.

    • Shylock is Malyalam action, thriller, Drama movie which is going to release in Hindi for the first time ever on Cineplex Channel. This Movie is available in Hindi for the first time and specially dubbed for indians and this is most popular and superhit movie in Malayalam. Now we can Stream or Download this movie for the first time on 1st February on WamIndia Movies Channel on YouTube. This is going to be digital premer.
  2. Nightmare Alley
    • So Guys Nightmare Alley is American sychological Crime, Thriller, Drama Movie which is released in 2021 in theatres. This Movie is going to release on HBO max OTT only in English language. nightmare ott release date is 1st Fabruary 2022
  3. The Tinder Swindler
    • The Tinder Swindler Movie is True Cime Revange Movie which is going to Release on Netflix in Hindi and English both languages. yhis movie is going to Release on 2nd February.
  4. The Metrics 4
    • The Metrics 4 is Awesome movie and so many people’s are waiting for this movie and now hindi version of this movie is going to release. So now The metrics 4 movie is going to release on Book My Show in Hindi Language. This Movie is also going to release on 2nd February 2022.
  5. One Cut Two Cut
    • One Cut Two Cut is New comedy drama movie. This movie is basically Cannada movie and this one is going to release on Amazon prime Videos for the first time on 3rd February.
  6. Looop lapeta
    • Looop Lapeta is a comedy a thriller movie. The new Bollywood movie is here to release on this week on Ott platform. Taapsee panno is in leading role. This good movie is going to release on Netflix and this is remake movie of English movie rin ola run and movie is going to release on 4th February.
  7. Through My Window
    • Through my Window is upcoming Netflix Original Spenish Romantic team drama movie. This movie is going to Release in multiple languages like Hindi, English and Spanish. This movie is going to release on 4th February on Netflix for everyone.
  8. The Privilege
    • The privilege is german horror thriller Drama movie which is going to release on Netflix. This movie is going to release in Hindi, English and German languages.

Which Movie Will Release on OTT?

There is So Many Movies are going to release on Different Different OTT platform and not only New movie so many Re-release Movie are also going to release on Ott. Every OTT platform Release one or more then one movie in every week.

What Is An OTT Release?

There is so many OTT platform are available for streaming movies and webseries online and offline. In now time so many Movies are releasing only on OTT platform. So audiance no need to go to theatre for watch movie everyone can watch movies from their home and in mobile or any device. For this reason Now movies and webseries are releasing on Ott and so many are re-release the movies for their audiance.

What Should I watch This Week on OTT in Hindi?

So now there is so many things to watch on ott in hindi. This week on ott in hindi many movies are going to release on different ott platform and all platforms already has huge number of movies and webseries which are available in hindi to stream online and offline for everyone.

Which OTT Platform has Best Movies?

It is very Deficult to say best OTT platform but now most of all OTT platform has best movies. But Netflix and Amazon prime Videos this Two platform has best amd huge amount of movies amd webseries for their users.

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