Mithya Web series Review | Mithya Cast, Imdb Rating, OTT, Season 2

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New Drama, Thriller Mithya Web Series Review us here and its released on OTT platform. Today we tell you Mithya Web Series Story, Mithya Web Series Cast list, Mithya Web Series Imdb Rating. What is Mithya Web series OTT platform?. Mithya Season 2 Release date.

Mithya Web Series Review

Mithya Web series review is released on 17th February 2022 and it is very intresting web series is available now for everyone to stream. The concept of this web series is not that much familiar to our industry. The fact is that it trims a lots of unnecessary elements and makes better viewing experience for audiance. When things come to thriller pacing is most important aspect but in our morden ott thriller forgotten that logic. Mithya Web series review is 400 minutes of runtime but in this they could not hold to thrillers and excitement of show.

Mithya web series is Mini Series which is not long as web series and not short as movies. Director Rohan Sippy made this mini series in six parts. This Mithya Web Series Review provides lots of elements togather and each episode of this is 35 minutes long. But main thing of Mithya Web Series Review is it doesn’t have a strong motive behind main storyline. There is unbelievable twist and they keep coming one by one and it will leave you with new question and in this part Mithya Web Series Review win you over.

Mithya Web Series Story

In Mithya Web Series Story Huma Qureshi is in the leading role and she Played Role of Zuhi. Zuhi is a Hindi literature University professor. And Avantika Dassani is playing rolse of Rhea Rajguru and she us student of Ruhi. Now Ruhi and Rhea Engage in Head to head psychological combat and no one is ready to back down. Now Mithya web series Story takes Dark turn and this is enough for everyone around them. Now Zuhi’s husband is dead and zuhi and Rhea both are suspects of this murder mystory. Will police and other find what is truth behind this all. Now in Mithya Web Series Story Although we know there is murder rights from beginning. But the story will keep you busy in other things like obsession, romance, blackmailing, family issues. And half of the story line will bores you of 300 minutes.

Mithya Web Series Story is not same as other one is released in sane time but purva naresh’s some dialogue has very impressive depth and some of them are very much common and it bores you for sure. The Mithya Web series story looks more attractive for background atmosphere. Huma and Avantika has did very impressive performance in this web series and whole story line is between this two. Now whole story will go on muder and prime suspect are this two lady and they have to prove them self wrong but other guilty and police want to find original murderer climex of this show is very impressive and season will also come of this Mithya Web Series Story.

Mithya Web Series Cast

  • Huma Qureshi
  • Avantika Dassani
  • Parambrata Chatterjee
  • Samir Soni
  • Rajit Kapoor
  • Indraneil Sengupta
  • Rohan Sippy (Director)
  • Rushad Rana
  • Naina Sareen
  • Avantika Akerkar
  • Swagata Das
  • Bishakha Thapa
  • Tamana Bhutoria

Mithya Web Series Imdb Rating

Mithya Web series Imdb Rating is Good. Mithya Web series is really good but little boring. Story line is good when twist is there but some times its feel like boring. Audiance has Also given there review and its also good but not that much great. This mini web series is good for one time watch.

Mithya OTT platform

Mithya Ott platform is Zee5 and this good Mini Series is released on Zee5 which is very good OTT platform for stream good movies and Webseries. If anyone want to stream Mithya Web Series Review on Zee5 then we all need premium subscription then only we are able to stream this Web series.

Is Mithya Season 2 is coming?

Yes mithya web series season 2 is going to release on Zee5 and in season 2 this story will be finished and next season will be more interesting then season 1.

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