Looop Lapeta Review | Looop Lapeta Movie Cast, Rating, Story

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Hello Guys, Looop Lapeta Review Movie Is released now and in this post we will tell you all about this movie. You will Know Looop Lapeta Cast, How much Rating this movie has got. And best we will also tell you Story of this movie so real whole post. Taapsee Pannu’s outstanding performance like her all movies.

Looop Lapeta Review

Loop Lapeta Review is Good Package Movie which Not provides Good Entertainment to Audiance. Taapsee Pannu is back with intresting movie but its average movie. Looop Lapeta Movie is released now on OTT platform. In this Movie we will See Taapsee Pannu with Tahir Raj Bhasin both as Boyfriend – Girlfriend. In this movie Tahir Raj Bhasin is playing role of useless Boyfriend of Taapsee Pannu and then he started doing some bad work like bating and in this he lose so many of money. Looop Lapeta Review Story will run on this matter and movie is really very good. Story line of movie is very impressive. Looop Lapeta Review Movie has impressed audiance story is little different and makers are make it very amazing. Lots of thing in this movie is very good and thats why movie has gone to next level.

Looop Lapeta Review Director Has did very good work and all cast selection is impressive and they have did very Awesome acting in this movie but movie is not that much Great. Looop Lapeta Movie is released on Fabruary month of 2022 and this movie is not released in theatre it has released on OTT platform and everyone who wants to watch this movie they will watch this movie only on Netflix OTT platform. Everyone Has to Purchase premium Plan of Netflix to watch this movie and it will work on every device.


Looop Lapeta Cast

  • Taapsee Pannu
  • Tahir Raj Bhasin
  • Shreya Dhanvantari
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya
  • KC Shankar
  • Rajendra Chawla

Looop Lapeta Rating

Looop Lapeta Rating is Average movie not everyone is impressed with this movie. Story line is ok not that much greater as taapsee Pannu’s other movies. Movie is Released on Netflix in Fabruary 2022. looop Lapeta Rating on Imdb is 5.1 star out of 10 star. So it is very average movie. Nothing is special in this movie. If you don’t have anything to do and you have watched evsry movies then you can watch this movie. Looop Lapeta Rating is only one time watch movie.

Looop Lapeta Story

In Looop Lapeta Story movie Tahir Raj Bhasin as Satya, playing role of useless Boyfriend of Taapsee Pannu (Savi) they both are living good life but after some time Satya started doing bad work like Gambling and in this he lose so many of money. Then he meet one person who give him one work to do. In this work he has to transport item one place to another place. And item is 50 lakh rupees but then he use his mind and then he lose this 50 lakh in bating and now story will run on this chapter. Now he is in trouble and Taapsee Pannu has to save her boyfriend from this situation. 50 lakh is not a Small Amount so they have to arrange 50 lakh rupees in very low time.

Savi is asking help with everyone but no one is agree to help her. Then she desided to go on do or die road and she creates team and plan fake roberry but in this Satya got shoot by Vilen and here is Suspense exposed. Now Circle of Life is started and satya is still alive and now Savi make another and perfact plan to save satya. story will take different mode and claimex of this movie is very good and director has did very good job in this Looop Lapeta Story movie.

Looop Lapeta Release on Which Platform?

Looop Lapeta Movie is released on Netflix. Netflix is best OTT pletform available in now time.

Looop Lapeta Imdb?

Looop Lapeta imdb rating is 5.1/10 star. Its very average movie. Only one time watchable movie.

Looop Lapeta Shooting Location?

Looop Lapeta movie Shooting location is in Goa. Not whole movie is Shoot in Goa but almost movie is shoot in Goa. So many things are from Different Location but most of are Goa.

Looop Lapeta Collection?

Looop Lapeta Collection is not hude movie is average movie and also collected average amount. We do not have exact amount so we will upload this soon.

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