Jersey Movie Review | Jersey Movie Cast, Imdb Rating, OTT Platform, Release Date

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Here New Jersey Movie review is released now. Now today we will talk about What is jersey movie Cast list? What is Jersey Movie Imdb Rating? What is Jersey Movie OTT Platform? What is Jersey Movie Release Date? This all information are available in this post about this new release movie.

Jersey Movie Review

There is so many of remake movies are made and they remake movies are much better then original one and this time also This Jersey Movie review is very good movie and 100 persent near to blockbuster but there is big challenge are there because there is two movies are released in one day and against this Jersey movie Review there is Super movie KGF Chapter 2 and both movies are superb.

Jersey Movie Review is very much impressive and amazing movie which jas superb storyline based on one boy who is facing his failure and then he started following his passion and story will go around this all and this movie has very good message for youth.

We have lots of thing in this movie to enjoy this will provide entertainment for evey minutes but it is remake movie this is very weak point because everyone knows full story of this movie and nothing is changed but all actors and director has did very good work for this movie and evry crew members has given 100 parsent in this movie. This Jersey movie Review is providing lots of Entertainment to Audiance.

Jersey Movie Cast List

  • Shahid Kapur
  • Mrunal Thakur
  • Sharik Khan
  • Geetika Mehandru
  • Sunil Saraswat
  • Pankaj Kapur
  • Anjum Battra
  • Shishir Sharma
  • Shanu Kumar
  • palak singh
  • Ronit Kamra

Jersey Movie Imdb Rating

Jersey Movie Imdb Rating is very good Because this movie is awesome in all type this movie will give everything as audiance wants and thats why this movie had get this much good imdb Rating. Audiance also love this movie and so many people are waiting for this movie and they are so much happy after watching this movie.

Jersey Movie Ott platform

Jersey Movie is not released on OTT platform it is going to release in Theatres. This New Released Jersey Movie review is also going to release on OTT platform but after some time and till now there no confirmation are available about its OTT platform and Release Date so we will upload it when we get any information.

Jersey Movie Release Date

Jersey movie is going to release on april 2022. Jersey Movie Release Date is 14 April 2022. This movie will release in theatres as worldwide.

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