Heropanti 2 Review | Heropanti 2 Release Date, Box Office Collection, Imdb Rating, Cast

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Here New Sequal Heropanti 2 Review movie is released and today we will tell you about this new release Heropanti 2 Release Date, What is Heropanti 2 Box office collection? What is Heropanti 2 imdb Rating? What js Heropanti 2 Cast list? This all information are given in this post with full details.

Heropanti 2 Review

Heropanti is Amazing movie released few years ago and all the people love that movie and now its Sequel Heropanti 2 Review movie is released in Theatres. Name of movie is good but content is totally different then its first part. This new Heropanti 2 Review movie is very good as content it is based on crime, drama, action. This movie is Directed by Ahmad Khan And in leading role They have cast Tiger Shroff as its first part.

This Time In Heropanti 2 Review movie We will See the most talented Actor As Nagative Role and it is Nawazuddin Siddiqui and because of him craze of movie is gone up and Higher lavel. Storyline is totally different then first part this time hero vs villen we will see and high power villen is here who has very crazy mind.

Heropanti 2 movie is now Released and there is nothing special in this movie like its previous part. All the actor has did very good work for this movie and storyline of this movie is not that much good as expected. Direction is also not good but it is decent movie and one time watch.

Heropanti 2 Release Date

Heropanti 2 movie is now Released in Theatres. This movie is released as worldwide and this Heropanti 2 Release Date is 29th April 2022.

Heropanti 2 Box office Collection

Heropanti 2 Movie is started poor start at box office. This movie is not that much good as expected and Heropanti 2 Box office Collection is just 11 crores till now and its still counting.


Heropanti 2 Imdb Rating

Heropanti 2 Movie is Good movie but it has brake all the expectations of audiance. Movie is good as acting not for other things. Heropanti 2 imdb Rating is very very poor and its not even decent movie. Heropanti 2 imdb Rating is just 2.4 stars out of 10 Stars. Audience also hate this movie and its sense less movie.

Heropanti 2 Cast list

  • Tiger shroff
  • Abhinay Raj Singh
  • Tara Sutariya
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  • Mark Rhino Smith
  • Lee Westwick
  • Vaibhav Chaudhary
  • Sammy Johns
  • Mahim Mausam
  • Sarwan Ali
  • Saira Pandhal
  • Atul Sharma
  • Alma Tillott
  • Phil Tillott
  • Anil Sanchania
  • Natasha Powell

Heropanti 2 OTT Platform

Heropanti 2 Movie is going to release on OTT platform for sure as all other movies. This movie is now Released in Theatres and now there is nothing confirmed about its release date and ott platform. We will update it as we get information.

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