Best trading app updates In October 2022 In The UK, And USA

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Hi guys and welcome back to your latest installment of all the new product launches and news coming from your Best trading app updates in October 2022 In the UK, And USA. We are kicking off with an exciting.

Trading 212

announcement from Trading 212. After a year of playing hard to get,  Trading 212 has finally announced that they are taking new customers and sign-ups.


Loads of new stuff coming from Freetrade who has revealed its work-in-progress plans to release  USD-denominated ETFs, OTC (over-the-counter)  stocks, and out-of-hours trading. It’s also working on an export-to-CSV feature, for all you spreadsheet fans out there, better search functionality and personalization. Those looking for LISAs and JISAs,  it’s got this in the works too. And we’ll keep you updated as and when this is launched.


A quick one from Nutmeg and also, sort of, Chase. If you didn’t know, Chase Bank recently acquired  Nutmeg. And now the acquisition is finalized, Chase plans to fully integrate  Nutmeg into the Chase app.


Lots of providers have refreshed or launched referral promotions or sign-up bonuses this month. Moneyfarm, for example, is offering up to £500 when you invest with them before 28 October 2022. The cash is tiered, so you’ll need to invest £50,000 to get the full £500, £10,000 to get £120, £5,000 to get £60, and at least £2,500 to get just £30.


Bestinvest has launched an autumn cashback reward of up to £400 when you open a new account before the end of  October and deposit £10,000 or more. And,  you can also do this for new accounts if you’re an existing Bestinvest customer. You get £100 if you deposit £10,000, £200 for £20,000, £300 for £30,000, and £400 for £40,000. Once you’ve opened and deposited,  you must pop Bestinvest an email by 30  November 2022 to bag your cash. We’ve put all the details in our Bestinvest review linked in the description below.

Ready To Download


Dodl has launched a referral promotion of its own, and, like its namesake, it’s a doddle. You can fill out a referral form on the website with your and your friend’s details and if you start investing £500, you’ll get a £30 gift voucher. Once again, there are some T&Cs, so check out our review of Dodl for more details. Every month we’ll be bringing you the latest updates on all your favorite trading apps so like, subscribe, and hit that bell button so you don’t miss out. To see our round-up of the best trading apps in the UK And USA at the moment,  visit by clicking this link here. Until next time, thanks for watching.

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