Bachchan Pandey Review | Bachchan Pandey Release Date, Song, Cast, Budget, OTT Platform, Imdb Rating

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Here new amazing Bachchan Pandey Review movie is released and today we will tell you about Bachchan Pandey Release Date?, Bachchan Pandey Song list, what is Bachchan Pandey cast list?, Bachchan Pandey Budget, what is Bachchan Pandey Ott platform? What js Bachchan Pandey Imdb Rating? This all information are given in this post about new release movie Bachchan Pandey Review so lets start.

Bachchan Pandey Review

Bachchan Pandey Review movie is new release in theatre. This amazing movie is directed by Myra Devekar who us very aspiring Director for make this movie she gets the support of her Producers for make this Gripping Gangster Biopic which has very Dosage of Violance. Myra get idia for making this much crazy movie which is based on real life gangster biopic. She tired to make realistic movie and movie is very awesome and amazing with its storyline.

This movie is Released in theatres Bachchan Pandey Review is AWESOME as direction, storyline. Movie is based on crime, love story, in this movie we will enjoy lots of action and comedy drama. Movie has based on big gangster real life story but direction of movie is heart of movie and story line is base of this Bachchan Pandey Review movie.

in this Bachchan Pandey Review movie All actors has did very fantastic work and specially Akshay Kumar he is in and as Bachchan Pandey Review movie and he did very good acting and all the cast has done very well work and they have selected very good actors for this movie and they did very well work under direction of Myra Devekar.

Bachchan Pandey Release Date

Bachchan Pandey Release Date is very near now. This movie is going to release in Theatres on worldwide in both Hindi and English language. Bachchan Pandey Review movie is going to release on Holi 2022. Bachchan Pandey Release date is 18 March 2022 movie will be available to watch in Theatres for everyone.

Bachchan Pandey Song List

  • Meri Jaan Meri Jaan
  • Saare Bolo Bewafa
  • Maarkhayegaa
  • Heer Rahnjana

Bachchan Pandey Cast list

  • Akshay Kumar
  • Kriti Sanon
  • Jacqueline Fernandes
  • Pankaj Tripathi
  • Arshad Warsi
  • Saharsh Kumar Shukla
  • Ashwin mushran

Bachchan Pandey Budget

Bachchan Pandey Budget is very high. Bachchan Pandey production budget is 150 Crore indian Rupees. This is high budget movie and they have selected all very good actor in cast to make this movie awesome and they have done it.

Bachchan Pandey OTT Platform

Bachchan Pandey OTT platform is not sure at this time. Bachchan Pandey Review movie is released in theatres now and this movie will be on OTT platform as all other comes but there is no confirmation about OTT Platform and released date we will update when we get any information about it.

Bachchan Pandey Imdb Rating

Bachchan Pandey Imdb Rating is very good movie storyline is very high and all stars acting is absolutely amazing and very powerful. Audiance love this movie and they have also given best rating to this amazing movie.

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