A Thursday Movie Review | A Thursday Cast, OTT Platform, Imdb Rating

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A Thursday Movie Review is released now its an amazing movie. Yami Gautam is main actress with this movie. Today we will tell you A Thursday Movie Cast List, A Thursday Movie OTT Platform, A Thursday Movie Imdb Rating this all things are available in this post. We will also tell you from where you can watch this movie in your devices.

A Thursday Movie Review

A Thursday movie review is Crime Drama Movie and Very Suspens story of this movie. Yami Gautam has played very amazing role in this movie. She is an teacher of one school and for some reason she kidnapped 16 children’s who are students in thay school. Suspens kf this movie is why she is doing this thing, why she had made 16 students as hostages. Police comes at that place and start investing and then they talk with kidnapper Yami Gautam and then she started her demands first she said she want to talk with main police officer.

Now next in A Thursday Movie Review She Demands 5crores for one Child amd she has more 15 children more with her and one lady and one driver is also kidnapped by her. Now she has given 1 hour time to police for complete her demand then she will release only one child. Police Trying to go in houe and everything is going live in telivision and kidnapper Yami is also watching this all.

Now Kidnapper yami started her madness and she started war against police force. Now she said to police that if they didn’t complete her demand then she will killl one child evry hour. Now she demanded to talk with prime minister of india and said if prime minister do not talk with her then she will kill another child and for this prime minister responsible. And now who will won this war police or Naina (yami).

A Thursday Cast

  • Yami Gautam
  • Neha Dhupia
  • Maya Sarao
  • Karanvir Sharma
  • Dimple Kapadia
  • Atul Kulkarni
  • Kalayanee Mule
  • Raj Sharma
  • Rajiv singh
  • Unnati Gala
  • Neer Rao


A Thursday OTT Platform

A Thursday OTT Platform s Release on Disney plus Hotstar. This is an amazing Movie which is only available on Disney plus Hotstar Premium. Whom wants to watch this movie they need to purchase Premium subscription plan of DISNEY HOTSTAR then only you will able to stream. A Thursday Movie is released on OTT on 17 Fabruary 2022. This is best crime drama suspens movie Available in now time of bollywood.

A Thursday imdb Rating

A Thursday Imdb Rating is very good its is released on 17th Fabruary 2022. A Thursday Imdb Rating is 8.7 stars our of 10 Stars. Amd audiance review is also really awesome. Movie has some unique story and story line and acting is very powerful. Yami Gautam did very good acting in this movie and very Suspens story is here after so long time in Bollywood.

Where to watch A Thursday Movie?

We can watch this A Thursday Movie only on Disney plus Hotstar because it has released on OTT platform Hotstar and for watch needs Premium subscription.

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